GOOD IDEAS: Collected strategies for making our businesses better

Max Perilstein talks to glazing contractors and glass fabricators. A lot of them. All the time. For more than 30 years now. As author of the must-read weekly newsletter, From the Fabricator, Max collects stories and inside information from across the North American glass industry, keeping us up-to-date on who is doing what and how. In his time so far, Max has seen just about everything this crazy business has to offer – from rocketing success to crashing failure.

In this talk, Max goes fishing in his deep pool of experience and anecdotes to share some of the success stories and cautionary tales he’s seen over the years, and to suggest ways they might be turned into best practices and effective strategies for the glass business owners and managers of today and tomorrow. The mic will be open for questions, so this is your chance to interact with one of top influencers in the industry today!